That moment when the client’s idea becomes reality. When our fantastic work comes into its own. Fitting and installation always takes place by our own technicians. With a van full of tools and a head full of ideas, they ensure that the end result meets our most stringent quality requirements. Exactly as it was intended in the design phase.

The interior builder responsible for the project in the workshop, helps start up the fitting work, allowing us to continually benefit from the interaction within our team. During installation, we keep a watchful eye on the location conditions and the client’s wishes. On departure, we leave behind a clean and tidy workspace. That is the definition of turn-key delivery according to Nijboer.

installation installation

“Being creative, communicating and always working towards solutions. Only the best results will do.”


Working for Nijboer

We have no vacancies at the moment. However, we always want to meet enthusiastic professionals. Do you share our passion for interior design and all it involves, and could you be part of our team? We look forward to hearing from you.