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The environment


During the execution of our work, we continuously think about how we can burden the environment as little as possible. We do this, for example, by keeping waste flows as small as possible and optimally insulating our buildings.

We are FSC® (logo license number: FSC-C116503) and PEFC ™ certified. This means that we ask our wood suppliers to supply wood and panel materials with a legal and responsible origin.

That is why we, Nijboer Interieur & Design B.V., prefer suppliers who demonstrably deliver products from sustainably managed forests and we declare the following:

We comply with international, European and national regulations related to CITES for wood species listed in Appendix I to III of CITES.

We do not purchase raw materials from countries and forests that are subject to a UN or relevant EU or national sanction.

We do not use conflict wood within our organization.

For product groups to which the PEFC DDS applies, we do not purchase woody raw materials from genetically modified organisms.

In the product group to which the PEFC DDS applies, no woody raw material is processed that comes from a forest that has been converted into other vegetation types, including conversion from primary forest to plantations.

We believe it is important that this origin is proven with a credible, independent Chain of Custody certification based on internationally agreed requirements and standards. In this context, we recognize PEFC, FSC and quality marks based on equivalent principles as proof of demonstrable origin from sustainably managed forests.

The management asks all employees of Nijboer Interieur & Design B.V. full commitment and involvement in production. This means that established procedures are maintained, so that we can guarantee that the delivered product, as described in the quotations, meets the requirements and has been established according to the established procedures.

Place: Mariënheem
Date: 11/15/2013
René Nijboer

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