Starbucks AMC Amsterdam




Starbucks AMC Amsterdam


Our Albron client commissions us for the interiors of new and existing Starbucks coffee bars. In the AMC Amsterdam branch for example, we produced and fitted a large combined bar and serving counter, the pantry, wall panels, a second bar, practical tables and comfortable seating.

Eric Petit Manager at Starbucks

“We’ve been working with Nijboer for many years, and the cooperation has always been excellent, leaving us more than satisfied with how they get things done.

Nijboer also supports us in our presentation to our clients, with visuals and quick insight into the costs of the project. Their supervision in this and the flexibility during the working process instils great confidence in us, which is important because projects must often be realised with tight deadlines. We see Nijboer as part of a team, in which the interior architect and the technicians in the workshop and on location, play an important role. The Nijboer people are extremely dedicated, which allows us to be very flexible as a client.”

Michel Grondhuis Salesman at Nijboer

“We need to switch very quickly at Starbucks. We provide turnkey projects and play a coordinating role during construction. At this location, we combined two shops to form a single Starbucks branch.

The whole start-to-finish process only takes seven weeks, and the deadline is paramount. The business plan starts on the opening date, a delay is therefore not an option. We’re commissioned by Albron Catering, but we have personal contact with Starbucks. That keeps the lines short and enables us to complete such a process within a relatively short period of time.”