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A former orphanage


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WSHS | Gouda

The former orphanage in the center of Gouda is still seen today as one of the most special and most beautiful buildings in the city. The romantic courtyard, the red shutters and the iconic gate; the Orphanage has a very special place in the hearts of many inhabitants of Gouda.
Now it's WSHS' turn to add a new chapter to the story.

Lennart en Sharon van Gastel / Owners

A hotel full of character

Lennart and Sharon van Gastel have enjoyed living in Gouda for over 15 years. A city full of history and old buildings full of character, exactly what this couple loves so much. Sharon started her own catering adventure 12 years ago with the Museumcafé Gouda. With this she has enthused her partner Lennart to do a next catering project together: LF-Gouda, the old Gouda light factory. And now the WSHS Gouda as a new offshoot within their characteristic catering empire. An opportunity that they seized with both hands, against an old orphanage in the heart of Gouda, saying no was not an option.

The whole project was intensive but definitely worth it considering the fantastic end result! There are still a few dots that need to be put on the proverbial i, but overall it has become what they had in mind. A colorful and opulent hotel in which the characteristic elements have been well preserved. A hotspot that offers their guests real quality time. To achieve this, it was important for Sharon and Lennart to involve parties in their plans that had the same end result in mind. The collaboration with Nijboer went well. The project leaders and fitters were always in a good mood and nothing was too much to ask. It's nice when you can work together towards something beautiful!

In the short time that The WSHS is now open, the reactions of guests have been unanimous; “What a beautiful hotel full of character this has become!”

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