Rene Nijboer


You can be so many things nowadays, that I prefer to be just who I am.

My work brings me in touch with fantastic people who have amazing plans. People who, like myself, go their own way without following what other people do. After all, there are plenty of other people to do that. It makes us unique ... and makes me proud.


Michel Grondhuis


All obstacles contain opportunities

A turnkey project or the delivery of a single serving counter, from football stadiums to fantastic jobs abroad; there's something new to discover every day. It is precisely that diversity which makes our profession so much fun. I really benefit from us having so many possibilities in-house, as it ensures that we can fulfil our promises.


Roy Pijffers

Project manager

Just say what you do and do what you say.

Each day is different, no project is the same and every customer is unique. You’ve got to have knowlegde of all aspects and be very flexible. The purpose is always clear.. a beautiful interior resulting in an exited customer. Being a project manager, I’m in the middle of everything and the many challenges I face every day, give me nothing but joy.


Chiel Jannink

Project manager

Whatever you do, do it right!

The great versatility of projects and materials at Nijboer always makes me so enthusiastic. Each new day will always bring a surprise and a challenge, putting a smile on my face every morning. I enjoy sharing that enthusiasm.


Henry Lokhorst

Project manager

Coordinating, thinking along and finding smart solutions. Each and every day.

I see Nijboer as a versatile club of great people, whether it's the team of colleagues internally or our external clients. Maintaining the challenge in your profession is by no means self-evident, but each day offers something new here. Supervising and coordinating projects, thinking along with designers, and finding smart solutions to work even more efficiently. That is the formula for continuous development.


Simone Voortman

Office sales

Live each day to the fullest!

The diverse work, all the wonderful projects we create together, that's addictive. We really are a close-knit team, who believe passionately in our profession. For me, that's Nijboer: feet firmly on the ground while creating beautiful things together.


Lotte Strik


I enjoy the challenge of making even the most difficult spaces look good.

Looking behind many scenes makes my profession really interesting and inspiring. I see various branches from a number of perspectives, which can result in fascinating ideas. By bundling the forces of our entire team with those of the client and all other specialists involved, we can keep pushing the design up a class.


Esther Kroes


Where there’s a will there’s a way

As an interior architect I’m being challenged over and over again by the great diversity of projects. That is exactly what Nijboer does: from hospitality until office buildings and from government buildings until private customer. A suitable and surprising answer for every question, where the customer feels comfortable about. As a designer, that’s what puts a smile on my face.