Hotel interior and design

Ambiance in every spot

Breathtaking rooms

That beautiful large and open hall with a counter made of natural stone and wood. The breathtaking lamps and cozy sitting area. Even if it’s so cold outside, everyone who enters immediately feels the warmth. You don't ‘just’ get an ambiance in a hotel. Everything has to be right, not only the design and interior. We also think along with you about the first impression your guest will get upon arrival.

We just go for that little bit of extra. So you and your guests are completely satisfied.

Together we aim for the best

We make all furniture ourselves in our own workshop. This allows us to make exactly what you want with an endless choice of materials. In our paint shop we can give each part the desired color and finish. This is how we ensure that everything fits together. From reception room to hotel room and from dining room to toilet. Everything reflects your character.

Besides that we make really cool things. We have developed the logistics process for furnishing hotels to such an extent that assembly on site is fast and efficient. This allows you to receive your guests earlier.

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