Hilton Amsterdam Airport | Schiphol

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Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol


Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol


Hilton Amsterdam Airport | Schiphol

Commissioned by Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling, we fitted the complete interior of Hilton Hotel Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Besides the hotel rooms and suites, the project also included the bars, buffets and pantries.

Henry Lokhorst, Project supervisor

"The design featured many expensive and uncommon materials, which makes each piece of furniture a new challenge"

“This project beats anything we’ve ever done before. We worked with a British architect and suppliers from all over the world. The design featured many expensive and uncommon materials, which makes each piece of furniture a new challenge. And that on such a gigantic scale.”

“The scope of the project really put the thumbscrews on our work planners. Each and every detail needed to be in the drawings. Logistically speaking too, it was an enormous operation, with supplies often arriving at night.

While such a project is ongoing, the project supervisor has no time to appreciate its beauty, you simply want to get things done. When walking around the finished object, however, you realise just what we’ve achieved. One of our largest interior construction projects ever. You then stop and think: ‘wow’.”


“Most of the materials are automatically machined in our workshop. When it comes to putting them together, however, that’s where the expertise and thinking capacity is so essential. As constructors, you’re actually always thinking three steps ahead. When it’s a piece of furniture, you need to know where and how it will be fitted. This is a real challenge when there are so many pieces to be made.”

“The project features many exclusive elements and materials, with plenty of natural stone and an amazing amount of steel. All in all, the final result is second to none. People who see our work often ask ‘how on earth did you produce that?’ This project was certainly no exception. And that is what makes this work so fantastic.”

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