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Hotel August Antwerpen


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Hotel August | Antwerpen

An Augustinian monastery of the Military Hospital in Antwerp transformed into an exclusive hotel called Hotel August. Based on a design by top Belgian architect Vincent van Duysen, we were able to participate in this wonderful project. We have provided forty-four hotel rooms, a restaurant, bar and a Wellness with beautiful custom work that fits into such a building full of history.

Project Manager Pascal Lemoine

What a special location to be able to do our work

"What a special location to be able to do our work! On the outside it is “just” a beautiful old building, but once inside the party really starts with all kinds of antique details. The pinnacle for me is the chapel. This is equipped with beautiful ornaments with a round stained glass window as eye catcher, beautiful! You do not come across such projects on a daily basis, so it is very special for us that we have worked on this. We have done that with a lot of pleasure!

Within such a large project like this you have to deal with many parties and planning and coordination are essential. During the first building meetings, this was rather difficult and messy, but with the arrival of building coordinator Hans van Tilborg lines and deadlines were set. This allowed us to plan everything in detail and adjust it in consultation if necessary. This worked so well for us that we had completed our work before the set deadline. Apart from the processes and people within the company that I know, I also got to know another side of Nijboer with this project. For large-scale projects such as this, we often work with a fixed group of self-employed professionals, for us they are real colleagues, since we do so many jobs together. What a bunch of hard working guys they are! It is sometimes forgotten, but they are the business card for Nijboer.”


“In order for a project like this to succeed, it is very important to approach the right parties to work with. You take the time to see who is suitable for the job. For the interior customization we came to Nijboer to do the job because of  the positive experiences of other customers and their many years of experience in the hotel sector. We were confident that they would meet our expectations and the corresponding pace, and we were certainly not disappointed in this! They thought along and understood what the vision of me and the client was with the metamorphosis of this old hospital, which certainly contributed to the success of this project.

All in all, I can say that we have all put down something truly unique, I also hear from the people in my area. The hotel is a real asset for Antwerp “.

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