Restaurant Alchemist | Copenhagen

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Restaurant Alchemist Copenhagen


Restaurant Alchemist Copenhagen


Restaurant Alchemist | Copenhagen

A restaurant that is so much more than just a bite to eat. An experience in terms of food, 50 different dishes are served. But certainly also a visual experience, videos made by various artists are played so that you constantly imagine yourself in a different landscape.

Project Manager

Roy Pijffers

“Because we’ve already done many great projects in collaboration with architect Mike Duncalf and his team, Mike knew which party to approach for the realization of the Alchemist in Copenhagen: Nijboer!

Client Rasmus Munk fully trusted Mike and immediately went along with his choice for Nijboer. The collaboration went very well and was pleasant from the start.

In the first conversations, Rasmus was immediately enthusiastic about the quality that we deliver. His vision of high-quality custom-made furniture made from luxurious materials such as solidly aged brass and charred wooden planks was seamlessly felt and elaborated by us.

Despite the many challenges, this huge project actually went very smoothly. The design has many natural shapes and curves that we had to place in an oblique space. Fortunately our engineers are used to situations like this and they managed to fix this.


Although a few things did not fully meet our expectations at first, which makes sense with such a huge project, we are very satisfied with the final result. The reactions from our employees, guests and the press have been very positive”.

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