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An office is so much more than a place to work. You're here for a large part of the week, so employers invest a lot in this. Visymo did that exceptionally well and beautifully, what a joy to be here for a large part of your day!

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Chiel Jannink / Project Manager Nijboer

Guidance from A to Z

"This is such a project where we have really been involved from the first line on paper to the last screw in the wall. After approval of the designs and before assembling our custom work, we first supervised the entire completion. All work, from floor to ceiling and everything in between, is then finished so the custom work can then be carried out. An intensive job because you deal with all kinds of different parties. Here you try to coordinate everything as well as possible and to maintain an overview. Of course you don't want to constantly get in each other's way.

Both the finishing in the finishing and our own customization had to be of a very high level. It is therefore important for me to be super critical of everything and to be on top of it. In addition, it is good to be reminded now and then that it can be even better or tighter. Only then will you get such a high-quality result!

For me, the wavy ceiling is a real eye-catcher in the office. Where you usually find a boring system ceiling in an average office, Visymo has opted for this 3D ceiling in the lounge area. An organic shape that gives the whole a much softer character. You just have to be careful not to look up all the time."

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"There was a nice budget so that I could really “go wild” with my ideas, as long as they got a high-quality, luxurious and young look. Of course with a good budget comes a certain expectation.

The client was very involved throughout the design process. For example, we went together to different suppliers to view and determine materials. We also visited several reference projects together to see how a material works in a space. For example, the veneer for the large wooden wall and furniture is 'hand picked'. This is to ensure that there are neither too many nor too few knots in it. Due to this great involvement of the client, it has really become a very own interior.

The big challenge for me was drawing in 3D of the undulating ceiling in the lounge. At the same time it is also super nice to deposit myself there. And if it eventually looks super cool, you know why you have so much energy in it! The division of the design into two parts also worked out well. On the side where the lounge is located, you have the light / luxurious area. On the other side the dark / tough part. This produces an exciting contrast that goes very well together.

I really enjoyed working on this project with great pleasure. It was a challenge to realize it within the set time and the high requirements of the client. In my opinion it worked out very well, I am proud of the result!"

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